3 bedrooms, living room with kitchenette, 2 bathrooms, hallway, dressing room

Dimensions: 4,3 x 13,3 m

Area: 57 m²

Height: 2,25 m

Cottage Description

In the year-round holiday cottage model Malta, everything needed for comfortable living is placed within 57 square meters: three bedrooms, one of which has its own wardrobe and bathroom, an additional second bathroom, as well as a living room connected to a kitchenette and an entrance hall. One of the key advantages of this model is the master bedroom, which, along with the adjoining bathroom and wardrobe, forms an integrated zone of privacy and relaxation. Additional clothing storage capacity makes it easy to maintain order and tidiness throughout the cottage.


House Plan


  • Living room with a kitchenette: 18.7 m²
  • Hallway: 4.6 m²
  • Bedroom 1: 7.2 m²
  • Bedroom 2: 5.9 m²
  • Bedroom 3: 5.2 m²
  • Walk-in closet: 1.8 m²
  • Bathroom 1: 2.4 m²
  • Bathroom 2: 2.7 m²


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