JB Golden Sky

2 bedrooms, living room with kitchenette, bathroom, hallway

Dimensions: 4,3 x 13,3 m

Area: 57 m²

Height: 2,5 m

Cottage Description

Modern design meets functionality in the JB Golden Sky mobile home model, which opens up new perspectives and options for you. A terrace that extends the interior, along with a rooftop terrace, provide a sense of freedom and spaciousness. Thanks to PUR foam insulation that encases the steel structure, as well as an underfloor heating system, you can count on a constant and optimal temperature inside your portable home, even when you’re not there. Large windows are not only a source of natural light but also optically enlarge the living space.



The modern design of the mobile home was achieved by combining wood with industrial elements. The wooden facade adds a warm character, while the aluminum Prefa, in addition to its durability and corrosion protection function, serves as a prestigious hallmark of the mobile home.


The large, opening skylight invites you to the covered terrace. It’s from this terrace that you can indulge in the contemplation of nature with your morning coffee. But let’s go further and higher because just around the corner, stairs will lead you to the rooftop terrace of the mobile home, where there’s space for your own arrangement.

Roof with a terrace

The roof of the mobile home with the terrace is coated with a polyurethane coating that is resistant to moisture, both high and low temperatures, mechanical damage, the effects of acidic and alkaline substances, as well as microorganisms.

Triple-glazed windows

The large skylight in the mobile home provides a source of natural light and visually enlarges the interior space. Throughout the entire mobile home, triple-glazed windows are installed, allowing for excellent thermal insulation and significant energy savings on heating.

Linear LED lighting

The linear LED lighting with brightness control adds artistry and character to the interior. The mood lighting enhances the comfort of your stay and contributes to a friendly atmosphere in the mobile home.

Wall system FIBO

The exceptional durability of FIBO wall panels allows for use in the most demanding places, such as the kitchen and bathroom. This is a proposal for individuals who expect elegance in their surroundings while also requiring practicality in the materials used.

House Plan


  • Living room with a kitchenette: 17.1 m²
  • Bathroom: 3.9 m²
  • Bedroom 1: 6,1 m²
  • Bedroom 2: 5.1 m²
  • Rooftop terrace: 48,64 m²


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