JB Black Stone XL

Living room with kitchenette, 2 bedrooms, bathroom, hallway, enclosed terrace

Dimensions: 4,3 x 13,3 m

Area: 57 m²

Height: 2,75 m

Cottage Description

The year-round mobile home JB Black Stone XL is the perfect choice for lovers of open spaces.
Large-scale glazing adds elegance to the structure, perfectly complements the facade, and makes the interior feel more spacious. Glazing in the gable wall allows light to enter the interior and the surroundings. The visible landscape is incorporated into the space of the mobile home, giving it a unique style.


House Plan


  • Living room with a kitchenette: 23 m²
  • Corridor: 7.3 m²
  • Bedroom: 9 m²
  • Mezzanine: 3.9 m²
  • Bathroom: 4.74 m²


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