Elba FF

2 bedrooms, living room with kitchenette, bathroom, hallway

Dimensions: 13,33 x 4,13 m

Area: 55 m²

Height: do 3,27 m

Cottage Description

Introducing the ELBA FF (flat floor) – our latest offering in mobile cottages without wheels. By utilizing a 30° roof pitch, we have created an interior with an exceptionally spacious character, ensuring user comfort. Designed on a 55 m2 surface, the ELBA FF model offers a living room integrated with a kitchenette, two adjacent bedrooms, and a bathroom with a shower cabin placed in a niche. Additionally, there is space in the entrance hall for a spacious and functional wardrobe. In the DeLux option, we have introduced built-in furniture above the beds, allowing for efficient use of available space. This configuration features a minimalist design and an aesthetic look, ensuring that the bedrooms always maintain order and tidiness. The ELBA FF model is offered with a standard facade made of ribbed sheet metal and Front Panel elements. There are two equipment versions available: BASIC and COMFORT.


House Plan


  • Living room with a kitchenette: 18,97 m²
  • Bathroom: 4,84 m²
  • Bedroom: 10,46 m²
  • Living room: 6,09 m²
  • Hallway: 4,31 m²