2 separate rooms with shower cabins, utility room

Dimensions: 4,41 m x 2,41 m

Area: 8,21 m2

Height: 2,28 m

Cottage Description

Umea is a mobile and fully equipped sanitary facility consisting of two separate rooms. The container has a complete installation that can be customized to individual needs. This allows us to offer non-standard solutions made according to the client’s specifications.

Umea is perfect for campsites, recreational areas, construction sites, or mass event venues. The mobile sanitary facility can also be used by staff in places where access to traditional sanitary facilities is difficult. A distinct advantage of our solution is the ease of maintenance. Umea does not require servicing or emptying. Just connect water, sewage, and electricity to fully utilize the offered functionalities.


House Plan


  • Bathroom 1: 3,43 m2
  • Bathroom 2: 3,43 m2
  • Utility Room: 1,35 m2