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Discover the secrets of our mobile cabins, where innovative technology meets construction precision. Thermal insulation made of PUR foam ensures comfort all year round, reducing operating costs. Durable steel and precise component integration guarantee reliability under any conditions. Choose durability and comfort, choose our mobile cabins.
Solid Interior


The illustration of the wall construction of our mobile cabin shows the complexity and precision of the applied technologies. The aim is to create a building that is both durable and functional.

The core of the wall is made of thermal insulation from PUR foam, a key element in the context of year-round use of the cabin. This insulating layer ensures thermal comfort and reduces operating costs.

All wall components are precisely integrated, resulting in a construction of high durability and longevity. The use of steel in the construction further enhances resistance to varying weather conditions, making our mobile cabins the ideal choice for those seeking not just comfort, but also durability and reliability.
  • Facade
  • Wooden Batten
  • Windproofing
  • Wooden Batten
  • Open-cell PUR Foam
  • Wooden Batten
  • Vapor Barrier
  • OSB Board
  • MDF Board
  • Floor Finish
  • OSB Board
  • Wooden Trim
  • Open-cell PUR Foam
  • Galvanized Sheet
  • Steel Profile
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Niezbędne certyfikaty jakości potwierdzające zgodność z normami i wymaganiami branżowymi.


Thanks to our warranty covering both materials and workmanship, you can be sure that your home is protected against potential malfunctions and defects.


We offer access to experts who provide assistance in solving any technical and logistical problems related to the transportation and use of the mobile home.


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Zapraszamy do zapoznania się z galerią na stronach naszych domków mobilnych. Każdy model jest szczegółowo przedstawiony na zdjęciach, co pozwoli Ci zobaczyć, co oferujemy.